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Behala Keertika visualizes a world where peace, cooperation and dignity prevail for the women and the children and a world free from violence and discrimination.


  • To promote the rights of women and girls.

  • To empower adolescent girls.

  • To ensure child rights, gender equity and sustainable development.

  • To protect, promote and ensure the rights of backward communities and physically challenged people.

  • To build up the decision making power among the vulnerable section.


  • Providing legal aid services to the victims of Domestic Violence.

  • Empowering the girls & women to raise their voice against all sorts of abuse and negligence.

  • Providing counseling services to the distressed women and girls.

  • Ensuring proper implementation of the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act (2005) in the target area.

  • Preventing child trafficking and protecting the children from trafficking by bringing them out from red light area through rescue operation and by providing them a safer & secure environment.